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Key points of Microsoft Windows 10

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Microsoft  bring out it’s  next version of Windows: Windows 10 in SAN FRANCISCO .The new Windows 10 may come for nominal fee of $20 or for free as Apple do with its OS X upgrades  . However, nothing is official yet.

This is called as its iconic computer operating system. “It represents the first step in a whole new generation of Windows” Terry Myerson.

Have a look at some key points and features

1. It’s corporate users will find Windows 10 “familiar, compatible and productive,”-  Myerson said.

2. The Start menu and task bar are front and center.

3. Have features from windows 7 and 8.

4.  “When you see the product in its fullness, I think you will agree with us that it is a more appropriate name,” Myerson said on windows 9 skip.

5. “We are planning to share more than we ever have before. … Windows 10 will be our most collaborative, open OS project ever.”

6. It expects to launch Windows 10 “later in 2015.”